Hello Internet. So, Why Blog?

It was fun coding. I honed my skills in many different programming stacks, languages, frameworks. Learned much and applied what I learned as best as I could. Turns out though, I have been doing it all wrong. I am good at coding, but that turned out to be the only thing I am good at.

You can’t build anything significant with coding alone, alone. The lifecycle of a “project in mind” doesn’t let you do so. Whatever a project is, there is always a thing which is pain for you to do. Let it be documentation, deployment, promotion, financial or legal issues. Even if you don’t need people while building, you need people who will use it. I realized this the first time I believe I built something significant and nobody showed up to use it.

In the end, I started this blog for selfish reasons. As of now, I will be trying hard to express myself, and share whatever I can. I hope to get people to know me, and meet people along the way.

I probably will not be consistent with myself through the lifecycle of this blog. Because even if we don’t like to admit, we programmers sometimes disagree with our past selves. My biggest concern is that, my posts are going to be some kind of hard to forget middle school memories. The only difference is, it won’t be just me not able to forget, but the whole Internet.

So bear with me in the middle school of my coding life.